Snack Schedule

Snack must include two food groups. We try to make snack an opportunity to try new healthy snacks as well as favorites. Fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, etc are all good choices. Please do not bring chips, snack cakes, popcorn, fruit snacks etc.
We prefer large boxes rather than individual packages for snack. The children like to practice serving when it is their snack day. Please do any possible preparations at home. The time we spend preparing snack takes away from class time. Wash fruits and vegetables when possible etc.
Students can bring treats for birthdays that do not meet the food group requirements. We ask that you please do not bring cupcakes, they are extremely messy.
You can find more snack information in the handbook or by following THIS link for the USDA requirements.

Printable Snack Calendars

Morning Classes

Mrs. Hamilton

 Tuesday/Thursday All Day

Afternoon Classes